Breakin’ the Norm

Host Les Norman brings listeners the best in sports stories ranging from the biggest names in sports to the hometown ‘heroes’ you’ve never heard of.  He  also interviews some of the most fascinating people in the entertainment world, uncovering  rare, behind the scenes conversations. Breakin’ the Norm takes an introspective look into sports and life.

Former Happy Days star, “Alert Drops” Co-Founder ANSON WILLIAMS

You knew him as ‘Potsie Weber’ from the hit 70’s/80’s sitcom “Happy Days”. He went on to direct some of the best shows of his era, like BH 90210, Melrose Place, Xena, Hercules, after school specials and so much more! Now, along with his late ‘uncle’ Dr. Henry Heimlich (of the Heimlich Maneuver), he’s promoting “Alert Drops”, the lemon-flavored spray that helps avoid Drowsy Driving, the campaign he’s spearheading, saving thousands of lives!


Former UCM star Shortstop, Emporia State Asst Baseball Coach BRET SCHWARTZ

The task of obtaining a college baseball scholarship can be both confusing and daunting. In an ultra-competitive environment, HS athletes are doing whatever it takes to get ahead and be noticed. What do you do? Who do you contact? What are coaches looking for? Former UCM record-breaking SS BRET SCHWARTZ joins the show to shed some light on the mystery that is college recruiting, reveals what coaches are looking for, and how to get ahead of the game the old fashioned way…with hard work and strong character!

Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jay Rapley

In this episode, my dear friend and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jay Rapley discusses sports injuries, primarily the throwing motion, how to take care of the arm, how long rehab really takes and injury prevention. How long do you ice? Can I throw with my own style? What medicines can I take? Should I stretch? LIsten in and find out more!

Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach, former MLB All-Star Infielder Kevin Seitzer

He’s a man of strong faith, and he believes that nothing happens that God won’t use. A former MLB All-star, Kevin Seitzer now watches over Braves hitting stars and prospects like Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuna, Jr., Josh Donaldson, Nick Markakis, Dansby Swanson, and more…all the way to the MLB playoffs! What’s the state of baseball today? Can the Braves hang on? Is a hitting coach also a psychologist/psychiatrist? The answers to those questions and more, right here!

Bluefin Tuna Fisherman, ‘The Falcon’ Capt & “Wicked Tuna” star Dave Marciano

Longtime Bluefin Tuna Fisherman, Capt. Dave Marciano, counts his blessings everyday. The hard working family man was asked if he’d consider being followed by a camera for the new show “Wicked Tuna”, inspired by the location for the movie “The Perfect Storm”. 9 season later, the Nat Geo reality show remains a hit, and ‘The Falcon’ Capt remains one of the show’s most popular stars!

Journey Church International Lead Pastor, former NCAA QB Christian Newsome

In this must-listen episode, JCI lead pastor, former NCAA QB and friend Christian Newsome talks about the real, behind-the-veil problem about what really causes parents and coaches to lose control at sporting events. Sparked by the melee after a 7 yr. old little league game in CO, we tackle the tough topic and the worst part of youth sports…the parents.

Author, former CSF Speedster Paul Babcock

Hear from former CSF speedster/outfielder Paul Babcock as he promotes his new book “The Team”, chronicling his run to an NAIA National Championship with the greatest coach in the history of collegiate baseball, Gordie Gillespie!

World Renowned Voice Actor, Singer Rob Paulsen

When you use your voice for a living, throat cancer is the last thing you need or expect. When Rob Paulsen got that diagnosis, he naturally that career may be over…but he beat it! Hear the incredibly talented voice actor share his famous characters like “Carl Wheezer” from Jimmy Neutron and so much more share his journey of healing, and how he finds his calling in bringing joy to fans around the globe!

Royals Farm Report Pioneer Alex Duvall

One of the lead writers of Royals Farm Report and pro baseball expert ALEX DUVALL shares his insights into the current state of the Royals and what the future holds with a refilled farm system that’s sure to bolster the big league club soon! Hear from one of the best baseball minds in the game!

Nutritionist & Sports Performance Expert Rebecca McConville

Nutritionist & Sports Performance Expert Rebecca Mcconville shares her insights on being healthy in both mind and body, the importance of mental health and its’ balance in both, and the difference between dieting and nutrition.

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Les and Kristin brought a very real, heartfelt, life changing and Christ-centered message.  People are still referencing the impact of their ministry here at our church.  I know that God is using them to confront issues in our culture today and bring true transformation.

Brian Ross
Head Pastor, Faith Chapel-Spring Valley, CA

We are celebrating our 33rd year in business here at Heartland Tan….Our 2016 EXPO featured Les Norman, former Kansas City Royal…. Les brought a humorous, thoughtful, and timely message for our customers… a fresh personal perspective from Les was well received-we had numerous compliments!  I really appreciated his related stories in context…..We plan to work again with Les in the future!

Brad Nelson
Co-Owner, Heartland Tanning

I really appreciate this follow up very much. It is difficult to explain how timely and how powerful the marriage conference was.  Your transparency and authority in the Word of God was JUST what I needed.  I appreciate this encouragement and I will definitely keep in touch!

Brandon H.
Conference Attendee

Our men’s TGIW Bible study group was deeply impacted by the raw and real words of Les & Kristin Norman as they shared on “Living Beyond The Masks.” It was especially meaningful to hear both of them communicate the pain, as well as the forgiveness, which they experienced…

Rod Handley
President & Founder, Character That Counts

Thank you for blessing the men of Mission Hills with your message this evening.  I believe hearts were changed and wives and children will reap the blessings of husbands and fathers who came home different men tonight because of the gospel they received tonight…

Gary G.
Men’s BBQ Attendee

“I’ve known Les almost 20 years since our playing days in Cleveland. Les is a man of many gifts… baseball player, teacher, speaker, communicator, motivator, friend, husband, and dad.
A man of character God has used to impact so many.”

Kevin Seitzer
11 yr. MLB Veteran, Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach

Each time I have shared a speaking engagement with Les whether in person or on the radio I have come away with such a great feeling. Les is very professional, adapts to his audience, shares a great passion for his listeners and challenges them to action. Les understands the importance of his faith, family and the influence he has as a former major league player. He has set the priorities for his life and is doing a great job communicating his message to all of us.

Bill Severns
Author "Keepers of the Sandlot"

Today was such a wonderful event – the energy in the room was palpable.  I have received numerous emails this morning and afternoon complimenting CASA on the breakfast – and everyone mentions how touched they were by your story and your support for our organization.  I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt speech and wonderful endorsement – it made a huge difference today!  Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration – I am so glad that CASA brought you into our circle! It has been a true gift.

Martha Gershun
Executive Director, Jackson County CASA

Les is one of the most effective communicators that I know.  He has the ability to take a difficult or complex subject and break it down into practical information that you can not only understand, but, put into practice right away. Les speaks with conviction, compassion and knowledge.  He balances his subtle humor with a unique sincerity and as a result, his entire audience will come away from their time with Les extremely motivated and personally challenged.

Mike Lusardi
former KC Chiefs & KC Royals Chaplain