Professional Keynote Speaker

Syndicated radio host, former MLB outfielder and professional keynote speaker Les Norman is climbing the ranks of the elite by delivering engaging, challenging messages that inspire others to dig deep to find their unlimited potential!  Les helps audiences transform their past struggles and present obstacles into future greatness! Born into poverty and enduring childhood abuse, he overcame insurmountable odds to reach the pinnacle of his profession and continues to help others daily!


For years, Les Norman has been inspiring corporations with his no-nonsense, high-energy presentations about enhancing their personal brand, the value of teamwork and success and the importance of authentic, servant leadership. Les’s passion and commitment is to help others reach their fullest potential despite past, current or perceived future obstacles.

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Non-Profits/ Schools

Many of today’s youth are dealing with broken families, addictions, social pressure/bullying, and much more.  Such was the case for Les Norman, who grew up with an alcoholic, abusive father that left him fatherless by the age of 12.  His path could have easily pointed to destruction and tragedy; however, he overcame improbable odds to become a Junior Olympic Gold Medalist, Major League Baseball player, TV Sports Analyst and Syndicated sports talk radio host!  He now inspires organizations and schools across the country, teaching them the importance of a strong will, discipline and a perseverance that creates an unstoppable way of life!!

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Churches/ Men’s Groups

In today’s society, many husbands and fathers are hurting, living with the wounds left by abuse, anger, loneliness and fear.  Left unchecked, this past pain can cause troubled marriages and shattered families.  Such was the case for Les Norman.   Introduced to pornography at the early age of 7, Les endured a life of fear, anger and addictions that would eventually create further issues into adulthood.  Through a saving faith in Jesus Christ, he is now experiencing a transformed life in which he helps others do the same.  Norman speaks to men’s groups and churches across the country on the following topics:
• The lures of porn, how it ruins lives, and how to be liberated from the addiction
• Dealing with, and healing from, the pain of the father wounds
• Becoming the husband and father God desires
• Servant Leadership in the home

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Marriage Events

In many churches today, certain topics aren’t addressed because they are considered to be ‘taboo’, and too often political correctness rules the day out of fear of ‘rocking the boat’.  Couples are hurting, yet many don’t get the help they so desperately need due to a lack of openness and fear….

Les & Kristin Norman openly and boldly share about many of the issues they’ve faced in their seemingly ‘perfect’ marriage.  Together 20+ years, the Normans’ have faced pornography, anger, lust, father wounds, and more, and help couples along the healing road of forgiveness.

With their signature conference presentation, “The Perfect Masquerade-Living Beyond The Masks”, teaching on the roots of sin and pain, how to find TRUE identity in Christ, and most importantly, how to live the amazing, transformed married life God designed it to be!

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Youth Groups

As a troubled, angry teen, Les Norman struggled to find his identity in life.  After an abusive father left the home when he was only 12, he was left to navigate life on his own, taking only the lessons the world would teach him.  Facing pitfalls of alcohol and addiction by age 15, along with peer pressure and a desire to be famous, Norman wore many masks to cover up his pain.  He shares his inspiring story of survival and strong faith in Christ to youth groups, camps and churches across the country.

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Les and Kristin brought a very real, heartfelt, life changing and Christ-centered message.  People are still referencing the impact of their ministry here at our church.  I know that God is using them to confront issues in our culture today and bring true transformation.

Brian Ross
Head Pastor, Faith Chapel-Spring Valley, CA

We are celebrating our 33rd year in business here at Heartland Tan….Our 2016 EXPO featured Les Norman, former Kansas City Royal…. Les brought a humorous, thoughtful, and timely message for our customers… a fresh personal perspective from Les was well received-we had numerous compliments!  I really appreciated his related stories in context…..We plan to work again with Les in the future!

Brad Nelson
Co-Owner, Heartland Tanning

I really appreciate this follow up very much. It is difficult to explain how timely and how powerful the marriage conference was.  Your transparency and authority in the Word of God was JUST what I needed.  I appreciate this encouragement and I will definitely keep in touch!

Brandon H.
Conference Attendee

Our men’s TGIW Bible study group was deeply impacted by the raw and real words of Les & Kristin Norman as they shared on “Living Beyond The Masks.” It was especially meaningful to hear both of them communicate the pain, as well as the forgiveness, which they experienced…

Rod Handley
President & Founder, Character That Counts

Thank you for blessing the men of Mission Hills with your message this evening.  I believe hearts were changed and wives and children will reap the blessings of husbands and fathers who came home different men tonight because of the gospel they received tonight…

Gary G.
Men’s BBQ Attendee

“I’ve known Les almost 20 years since our playing days in Cleveland. Les is a man of many gifts… baseball player, teacher, speaker, communicator, motivator, friend, husband, and dad.
A man of character God has used to impact so many.”

Kevin Seitzer
11 yr. MLB Veteran, Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach

Each time I have shared a speaking engagement with Les whether in person or on the radio I have come away with such a great feeling. Les is very professional, adapts to his audience, shares a great passion for his listeners and challenges them to action. Les understands the importance of his faith, family and the influence he has as a former major league player. He has set the priorities for his life and is doing a great job communicating his message to all of us.

Bill Severns
Author "Keepers of the Sandlot"

Today was such a wonderful event – the energy in the room was palpable.  I have received numerous emails this morning and afternoon complimenting CASA on the breakfast – and everyone mentions how touched they were by your story and your support for our organization.  I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt speech and wonderful endorsement – it made a huge difference today!  Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration – I am so glad that CASA brought you into our circle! It has been a true gift.

Martha Gershun
Executive Director, Jackson County CASA

Les is one of the most effective communicators that I know.  He has the ability to take a difficult or complex subject and break it down into practical information that you can not only understand, but, put into practice right away. Les speaks with conviction, compassion and knowledge.  He balances his subtle humor with a unique sincerity and as a result, his entire audience will come away from their time with Les extremely motivated and personally challenged.

Mike Lusardi
former KC Chiefs & KC Royals Chaplain