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Host Les Norman brings listeners the best in sports stories ranging from the biggest names in sports to the hometown ‘heroes’ you’ve never heard of.  He  also interviews some of the most fascinating people in the entertainment world, uncovering  rare, behind the scenes conversations. Breakin’ the Norm takes an introspective look into sports and life.

Gina Pastore: Author of “Picking Up My Shattered Pieces: Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curve Ball”

What started out as a youthful childhood crush would eventually turn into her being a teenage bride to her #MLB husband, late #Reds pitcher Frank Pastore. The lived, loved, raised a family, retired from baseball, and entered the next chapter of their lives…

Always well-spoken, unafraid, and vibrant, Frank landed a radio hosting job in LA. That show would become the #1 rated Christian talk show in the US! Life was good and exciting and happy..

One day while cooking at home, Gina Pastore was listening to Frank on the radio. He was sharing how we are not guaranteed a day in this life, and that he could very easily lose his life while riding his motorcycle…

Later that evening, Frank was hit by a van while riding his motorcycle on a CA highway on his way home to Gina. He would fall into a coma, and 4 weeks later would pass away from his injuries. How do you move on when the only love you’ve ever known is gone?

This week on “Breakin’ The Norm” I have the honor of interviewing Gina Pastore, Co-Host of “Real Life” on KKLA 99.5 FM in Los Angeles, as she shares her story of love, life, faith, and moving on.

Her book, “Picking Up My Shattered Pieces: Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curve Ball” is available at

American Idol Season 8 Finalist and the 2019 KLoveFanAward ‘Male Artist of the Year’ DANNY GOKEY!

Just 4 months before American Idol auditions, Danny lost his wife to congenital heart disease. Now remarried and the father of 4, he’s busy with his new single “Love God Love People”, working on his foundations and projects, such as “Sophia’s Heart”, “Better Than I Found It”, and his own line of eyewear…

It’s my honor to bring you my interview with the awesome DANNY GOKEY!! Visit for music, merch, and more!

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Award-Winning Christian Contemporary Artist, Author & Podcast Host Matthew West

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Matthew West had a dream…of becoming a professional baseball player! God had different plans, and he’d go on to become a multi-award winning singer & songwriter of Christian Contemporary music. With a deep-rooted love for God and family, West has also written books, and is proud to launch his new project, “The Matthew West Podcast”!

Blind sportscaster, “The Beautiful Lives Project” co-founder Bryce Weiler

Born 4 months premature, Bryce Weiler developed “Retinopathy of Prematurity”, which causes blindness. Attending public school until his freshman year of high school, he then went to a school specifically for blind students. Upon graduation, he went on to receive his undergrad at U of Evansville, then his Master’s at Western IL U. And that’s not all…he’s now a blind sportscaster, the Orioles Disability Consultant and the co-founder of the non-profit “The Beautiful Lives Project”!

Christian Singer/Songwriter, Actor and Speaker Anthony Evans Jr.

Growing up as a preacher’s kid is one thing; growing up the son of Tony Evans, one of the nation’s most prominent pastors is a whole other story. And your sister is a successful actress, best-selling author and women’s keynote and conference speaker Priscilla Shirer! Thankful for his close family and deep roots in God, Evans Jr. has gone on to become a highly successful Singer and songwriter with 8 albums to his resume. One of the most influential people he credits was his mentor on Season 2 of NBC’s “The Voice”, Christina Aguilera!

Former NFL 1st rd draft pick, Cowboys/Raiders star, film producer/actor Greg Ellis

Former NFL All-Pro DE Greg Ellis spent 12 years sacking QBs for UNC (All-American), the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. After his career in football, Ellis has written produced and acted in films, most notably “Carter High”. A man of strong faith and family, Ellis continues to honor God in all he does.

NWA Naturals GM Justin Cole & Rich Baseball Ops President Mike Buczkowski

When COVID19 and the ensuing quarantine struck, the MLB season was delayed-but at least they resumed play. All of the minor league baseball completely shut down for the entire 2020 season. Players were out of work, either being released or paid for only a limited amount of time, and even that ran out. And what about the rich tradition of minor league ballparks and the staff that keeps them running? Many counted on this seasonal income to get through the spring and summer. Hear from 2 GMs and how they’re staff is coping with one of the most difficult times in recent history…

Georgia native, KC Royals Ace RHP Brad Keller

An unlikely MLB star, Brad Keller was just hoping to have a taste of professional baseball. Hear how this avid golfer and humble athlete took a once-in-a-lifetime shot and turned it into a promising career as the Royals #1 starter.

“Fearless” Author Eric Blehm

Best-Selling Author Eric Blehm takes us into the life and tragic death of Us Navy Seal Team Six Operator ADAM BROWN in his Biography “Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown”.

Tax and Legal Expert, CPA/Attorney and CoHost of the “Refresh Your Wealth” podcast, MARK KOHLER!!

My guest tax/legal expert, author, investor, and “Refresh Your Wealth” podcast Co-host Mark Kohler!!
Mark will share some EXCLUSIVE advice not yet released in his books, podcasts, or videos!! Don’t miss this timely information, and why he believes EVERYONE should own a small business!!

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Les and Kristin brought a very real, heartfelt, life changing and Christ-centered message.  People are still referencing the impact of their ministry here at our church.  I know that God is using them to confront issues in our culture today and bring true transformation.

Brian Ross
Head Pastor, Faith Chapel-Spring Valley, CA

We are celebrating our 33rd year in business here at Heartland Tan….Our 2016 EXPO featured Les Norman, former Kansas City Royal…. Les brought a humorous, thoughtful, and timely message for our customers… a fresh personal perspective from Les was well received-we had numerous compliments!  I really appreciated his related stories in context…..We plan to work again with Les in the future!

Brad Nelson
Co-Owner, Heartland Tanning

I really appreciate this follow up very much. It is difficult to explain how timely and how powerful the marriage conference was.  Your transparency and authority in the Word of God was JUST what I needed.  I appreciate this encouragement and I will definitely keep in touch!

Brandon H.
Conference Attendee

Our men’s TGIW Bible study group was deeply impacted by the raw and real words of Les & Kristin Norman as they shared on “Living Beyond The Masks.” It was especially meaningful to hear both of them communicate the pain, as well as the forgiveness, which they experienced…

Rod Handley
President & Founder, Character That Counts

Thank you for blessing the men of Mission Hills with your message this evening.  I believe hearts were changed and wives and children will reap the blessings of husbands and fathers who came home different men tonight because of the gospel they received tonight…

Gary G.
Men’s BBQ Attendee

“I’ve known Les almost 20 years since our playing days in Cleveland. Les is a man of many gifts… baseball player, teacher, speaker, communicator, motivator, friend, husband, and dad.
A man of character God has used to impact so many.”

Kevin Seitzer
11 yr. MLB Veteran, Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach

Each time I have shared a speaking engagement with Les whether in person or on the radio I have come away with such a great feeling. Les is very professional, adapts to his audience, shares a great passion for his listeners and challenges them to action. Les understands the importance of his faith, family and the influence he has as a former major league player. He has set the priorities for his life and is doing a great job communicating his message to all of us.

Bill Severns
Author "Keepers of the Sandlot"

Today was such a wonderful event – the energy in the room was palpable.  I have received numerous emails this morning and afternoon complimenting CASA on the breakfast – and everyone mentions how touched they were by your story and your support for our organization.  I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt speech and wonderful endorsement – it made a huge difference today!  Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration – I am so glad that CASA brought you into our circle! It has been a true gift.

Martha Gershun
Executive Director, Jackson County CASA

Les is one of the most effective communicators that I know.  He has the ability to take a difficult or complex subject and break it down into practical information that you can not only understand, but, put into practice right away. Les speaks with conviction, compassion and knowledge.  He balances his subtle humor with a unique sincerity and as a result, his entire audience will come away from their time with Les extremely motivated and personally challenged.

Mike Lusardi
former KC Chiefs & KC Royals Chaplain