Actress, Emmy-Winning TV Personality/Host, Singer, Director, Best-Selling Author KATHIE LEE GIFFORD

The AMAZING Kathie Lee Gifford talks about her successful career and her new children’s book, “Hello, Little Dreamer”. Breaking into ‘show business’ in 1978 as ‘The La-La Girl’ on the game show “Name That Tune”, Gifford would go on to star in hundred of TV shows and movies, along with sharing the desk with co-host Regis Philbin on “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee”, garnering 7 Emmy noms. She’d go on to win her first Emmy for her work on the “Today” show, co-hosting hour 4 with Hota Kotb. Her vibrant, tireless personality has won her fans all over the world, and at age 67 and many current projects in the works, she shows no signs of slowing down!