Meet ‘The Crew’ from Lee’s Summit’s very own BPM Dance Complex!!

In the highly competitive world of dance academies, a stigma surrounds the industry. Be the best and pay lots and lots of money. Only the strongest and best survive. But does it really HAVE to be that way? My guests on this fun and lively show don’t think so, and they’re proving it!!
I’ll sit down in studio with ‘The Crew’ of BPM Dance Complex: Co-Owner Krystyn Roberts; Studio Director, Professional Dancer/Instructor and Co-Owner Blake Piatczyc; and Pro Dancers/Instructors Crysti Miller, Hannah Williams & Tia Qureshi. We’ll talk passion, why they are changing the landscape of the dance academy, BPM’s state-of-the-art facility, and much more! If you’re searching for a dance home for ages 2 and up, as well as one that’s safe and expressive, then look no further than BPM!!