Brad Bores, Director of “When the Bell Rings”

Comebacks make for GREAT sports stories. So much in sports reflects everyday life, but what is the real motivation behind them? Glory of self? Filling a hole left by regret and/or shame?
Listen as I am joined by Director Brad Bores , on the award-winning documentary film “When The Bell Rings”. A tremendously talented boxer, David “Dino” Wells, in his mid-twenties, a fall from grace left him overweight, out of shape, and out of touch with 4 children by 3 women….
Was it boredom that brought him back? Fame and fortune? The unrealistic goal of becoming world champion? Those may be byproducts in a best-case scenario, but the sole…no, the SOUL motivation behind his comeback? Simply wanting to be a better father.

To view the trailer visit the link below:…ngs/id1056875863