Clint Malarchuk

Listen to the amazing story of Clint Malarchuk. The ‘Cowboy Goalie’ suffered one of the most horrifying accidents ever in sports when, while in goal for the Buffalo Sabres, had his carotid artery slashed by a Blues player, almost ending his life. Due to the quick thinking of his trainer, a former Vietnam medic, he not only recovered, but was back on the ice in 10 days!! But the story only begins there….

Suffering from terrifying nightmares and undiagnosed OCD & anxiety, Malarchuk would battle mental illness for years, attempting to medicate with meds and alcohol. In ’08, things got even worse….he tried to take his life with a .22 cal rifle under the chin…

Mental Illness can happen to anyone, at anytime, in any profession, and in any home….