Danny Zaslavsky

Join me as I interview Danny Zaskavsky of Country Hill Motors, who’s Distracting Driving Campaign seeks to save lives and make our roads safer. Visit www.countryhill.com to post your own video and take the pledge to ‘Not text and drive’ today!”

**RIGHT NOW, there are 800,000 people texting while driving. Every one of them is 23 times more likely to crash b/c of it.

**Time it takes to quickly ‘read’ a text while driving? 5 seconds. At 55mph, that’s like driving the length of a football field w/o looking.

**77% of teens that drive say they can do so and text safely. 55% say it’s easy to do.

**Of all teens that text and drive, 50% say they’ve seen their parents do it. And that’s probably a low estimate.