Ed O’Bannon

In a recent landmark case, my guest went up against the multi-billion dollar powerhouse otherwise known as the NCAA. Many companies have made truckloads of money off of the likeness of college basketball and football players, while the players themselves gained nothing, due to NCAA rules. In 2014, a judge ruled that those rules violated anti-trust laws, and ruled in favor of my guest, former UCLA star, NBA player and European player, Ed O’Bannon.

What’s is like to go up against an organization with seemingly bottomless pockets? A strong resolve, a passion for what’s right and the perseverance to finish the race, no matter how long it takes!

From HS All-American to a torn ACL 6 days before his Bruins debut, O’Bannon talks about the mindset from major injuries, his meteoric rise to an NCAA Championship, and how his NBA dreams took a different path than most. Join me for this very candid and informative interview from the man that fought the giant…and won!