Actor, Comedian, Musician, Martial Arts Expert & Radio Host Hal Sparks

Growing up in Chicago, Hal Sparks dreamed of becoming an actor; however, his father didn’t see that as a viable career option. In order to enter the New Trier HS program, he purposely failed 2 classes to force the elective into place. Once in, he found his passion for entertaining. His teacher would call him something else..a “prodigy”.
By the age of 17, Sparks was crowned “Funniest Kid in Chicago”, and armed with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, he headed out to LA, where he’d give new meaning to the phrase ‘paying your dues’. He kept his mind on outworking everyone throughout TV auditions and stand-up routines in comedy clubs, and that perseverance would pay off. He was selected to host the highly rated “Talk Soup” cable TV show, where he’d offer up his superior wit and sarcasm, and would eventually star in hits such as “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and an extended run on Disney’s top rated “Lab Rats”.
Now you’ll find Hal fronting his own amazing band or touring the world doing stand up specials. Despite his rigorous schedule, he doesn’t drink, smoke, or eat anything that would harm his body. Talk about dedication? Listen in to what makes this widely known and successful entertainer click…..