Jeff Nichols & Michael Kelly

I’ll speak with former Navy Seal and Exercise Physiologist

Jeff Nichols as he shares his training regimen both in the Navy and with athletes. As the President and founder of Virginia High Performance, he now works with athletes to improve their overall health; more importantly, he works with apparel companies to help improve gear to assist in the recovery and comfort of those serving our country in the military.

Also on the show, I’ll discuss the developing story in Wichita, KS, where student/athlete Michael Kelly, a special needs senior with autism and Downs Syndrome, was told to remove his Varsity Letterman’s Jacket because his special needs basketball team wasn’t recognized as a varsity sport!

After one parent complained that Kelly didn’t earn it, Principal Ken Theissen took the matter to the administration….and deemed it “inappropriate” for Kelly to wear it in school.

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