Maria Toorpakai: “A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid from Taliban in Plain Sight”

Too often in this country, we get complacent with what we have, or don’t have. It’s so easy to take for granted what freedoms we are afforded in the GREATEST country on Earth. I get the privilege to interview the amazing MARIA TOORPAKAI, Pakistan’s #1 women’s squash player. Raised as a boy for fear of death, she eventually left Pakistan to pursue her dream…but at what price?
Her father, captured and tortured for speaking out for women’s rights, eventually escaped and moved the family to a ‘safer’ place, while still receiving death threats and narrowly escaping an assassination attempt-all so his daughter could pursue her passion.
Hear the harrowing story of a young girl, afraid to cross the street some days, survived the horrible treatment in her homeland, now on the cusp of becoming a World Champion!!