Nikki Cline

On Jan 31, 2015, Gage Edwards left work on his way to a basketball game. As a family rule, he had to either call his mom when he arrived, or respond to a text ASAP. His mom had a question for him, and also wanted to know when/where he’d be. Gage responded to her text immediately, while driving, and went off the road. He over corrected, crossed the road, and hit 2 trees. He’d pass away 2 1/2 days later…..
How does a mom cope with the loss of her son, especially under those circumstances? She didn’t want him to text and drive, but didn’t think he might respond at that time….
Join me for this emotional but important interview with Nikki Cline, the mother of the joyful, athletic, passionate 17 yr. old, the late Gage Edwards. Listen with your kids regardless of age, and if you are one that tells your kids to not text and drive but teaches them to do it by example, you need to tune in.