Breakin’ the Norm

Host Les Norman brings listeners the best in sports stories ranging from the biggest names in sports to the hometown ‘heroes’ you’ve never heard of.  He  also interviews some of the most fascinating people in the entertainment world, uncovering  rare, behind the scenes conversations. Breakin’ the Norm takes an introspective look into sports and life.

Former NFL Pro Bowler, AGT Finalist, Author Jon Dorenbos

At age 12, his father murdered his mother. After a brief stint in a foster home, he was adopted by his Aunt and introduced to magic, specifically card magic. When he shuffles cards, the entire world goes away, and he learned to cope with everything in life because of it. A successful career as an NFL longsnapper, AGT finalist, author, and new father have left him extremely thankful, but it was forgiveness that made him whole!

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka ‘Larry The Cable Guy’!

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka ‘Larry the Cable Guy’, got his break on Comedy Central’s record-breaking hit show “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”, created by Jeff Foxworthy. His albums have earned him multiple awards. He’s had hit movies, TV shows, and concerts that have earned millions. He’s a philanthropist and family man, but when asked about all of his worldwide success, his answer might surprise you!

Overlease Family/New Book “Hope Upon Impact”

After a giant tree limb fell on her daughter, Julie Overlease’s world came to a screeching halt. The next 7 days would bring about a mom’s biggest fear: she was powerless to save/heal her daughter. With faith, family and an amazing network of friends and supporters, this amazing wife and mother share her story depicted in her new book titled “Hope Upon Impact”.

Shredd Fitness Owner, Gym Culture Advocate and Transformational Businessman Ryan Waters

One of the most difficult tasks in life is to be healthy in body/mind/spirit. Diets and gyms run many clients through the wringer, only to leave them frustrated and worse off than before. There are also many who want to work out but end up feeling like they are ogled and uncomfortable. Meet Ryan Waters, former college football All-American and owner of Shredd Fitness in LS. He’s changing the gym culture, helping to transform lives and bodies, and doing so with an incredible work ethic and a heart full of gratitude!

Social Media Expert, Liberty U Sports Broadcaster Emily Austen

In 2016, Emily Austen appeared on a Barstool Sports broadcast. Comments she made on that video would not only cost her an amazing job that she worked hard for but also sent her into an emotional 3-year tailspin. Battling depression and past mistakes, Emily relied on her faith, friends, and family, and worked hard to help others in high school and college avoid those same mistakes. In this follow up show, Austen shares about her new job, what she’s learned, and the forgiveness she now lives in!

Falsely Accused, recently exonerated Ricky Kidd

What would you do if you or your loved one lost 23 years of their life to prison, accused and convicted of a crime they didn’t commit? Would you be angry? Unforgiving? Scared? At some time, my guest probably felt one or all of the above and more. At the age of 21, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Ricky Kidd was falsely convicted of a double homicide and sentenced to life without parole. But instead of wallowing in the situation, he immediately got to work, and although it took 23 years (he’s now 44), he was eventually exonerated and released from prison just over one month ago….and he’s living life to help others avoid the same fate!

Actor, Former World Arm Wrestling Champ, Dyslexia Advocate KENNY JOHNSON

Appearing in hit movies and TV shows such as “Sons of Anarchy”, “Saving Grace”, “Bates Motel” and on the current CBS Hit Series “SWAT” as ‘Dominique Luca’, Kenny Johnson has done it all. He’s played college baseball and football, modeled, and was even the #1 world ranked arm wrestling champion!! But it wasn’t easy. As an actor, reading the script is everything…but when you have dyslexia, how is it possible? From a Vermont farm to Hollywood elite, hear the inspirational story of a guy that turned a major life difficulty into a lesson of finding a different way to succeed, and he’s done it with hard work and humility!!

Co-Star of ABC’s Hit Drama Series “The Good Doctor”, Nicholas Gonzalez

Co-star of ABC’s Hit Drama Series “The Good Doctor”, Nicholas Gonzalez’ portrayal of ‘Dr. Neil Melendez’ is garnering high praise.  The veteran character actor is not only great at his craft, but he’s also learned a thing or two for his role by his physician father and brother!  Hear the Stanford grad talk about his days as a HS champion runner, his love of exercise/books/sports/video games, and his BIGGEST loves, his family (he’s a new dad!) and acting!

Former Twisted Sister Front Man, Iconic Radio Host, Writer/Producer & Top-Voted Metal Vocalist Dee Snider

One of the most iconic metal voices of all time, former Twisted Sister frontman DEE SNIDER talks about his upcoming album release “For The Love of Metal”, how he survived the ‘One-Hit Wonder’ moniker by reinventing himself, his devotion to his bride of 37 years, and his 21 yr. run as syndicated satellite radio host of “House of Hair”.

Veteran Actor, Committed Father PETER ONORATI

Growing up in jersey as a wise-cracking, undersized Italian kid, Peter Onorati used lessons from his dad to become a driven student/athlete. Never one to let circumstances define him, he briefly played in the long-defunct World Football League before heading to Wall Street to secure a job as an executive with McCall’s magazine. On a bet with his then girlfriend, he tried his hand at acting, and soon found himself starring in TV commercials. A move to Hollywood brought about roles in the final season of “Kate & Allie”, as well as the hit movie “Goodfellas”. Over the years, he’s rooted himself as a phenomenal character actor, and currently appears in 2 hit TV shows: NBC’s “This Is Us” and CBS’s “SWAT”. In one of my all-time fave interviews, Onorati talks life lessons, his drive to succeed, and the most important role he’s ever played: father to 3 boys.

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Les and Kristin brought a very real, heartfelt, life changing and Christ-centered message.  People are still referencing the impact of their ministry here at our church.  I know that God is using them to confront issues in our culture today and bring true transformation.

Brian Ross
Head Pastor, Faith Chapel-Spring Valley, CA

We are celebrating our 33rd year in business here at Heartland Tan….Our 2016 EXPO featured Les Norman, former Kansas City Royal…. Les brought a humorous, thoughtful, and timely message for our customers… a fresh personal perspective from Les was well received-we had numerous compliments!  I really appreciated his related stories in context…..We plan to work again with Les in the future!

Brad Nelson
Co-Owner, Heartland Tanning

I really appreciate this follow up very much. It is difficult to explain how timely and how powerful the marriage conference was.  Your transparency and authority in the Word of God was JUST what I needed.  I appreciate this encouragement and I will definitely keep in touch!

Brandon H.
Conference Attendee

Our men’s TGIW Bible study group was deeply impacted by the raw and real words of Les & Kristin Norman as they shared on “Living Beyond The Masks.” It was especially meaningful to hear both of them communicate the pain, as well as the forgiveness, which they experienced…

Rod Handley
President & Founder, Character That Counts

Thank you for blessing the men of Mission Hills with your message this evening.  I believe hearts were changed and wives and children will reap the blessings of husbands and fathers who came home different men tonight because of the gospel they received tonight…

Gary G.
Men’s BBQ Attendee

“I’ve known Les almost 20 years since our playing days in Cleveland. Les is a man of many gifts… baseball player, teacher, speaker, communicator, motivator, friend, husband, and dad.
A man of character God has used to impact so many.”

Kevin Seitzer
11 yr. MLB Veteran, Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach

Each time I have shared a speaking engagement with Les whether in person or on the radio I have come away with such a great feeling. Les is very professional, adapts to his audience, shares a great passion for his listeners and challenges them to action. Les understands the importance of his faith, family and the influence he has as a former major league player. He has set the priorities for his life and is doing a great job communicating his message to all of us.

Bill Severns
Author "Keepers of the Sandlot"

Today was such a wonderful event – the energy in the room was palpable.  I have received numerous emails this morning and afternoon complimenting CASA on the breakfast – and everyone mentions how touched they were by your story and your support for our organization.  I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt speech and wonderful endorsement – it made a huge difference today!  Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration – I am so glad that CASA brought you into our circle! It has been a true gift.

Martha Gershun
Executive Director, Jackson County CASA

Les is one of the most effective communicators that I know.  He has the ability to take a difficult or complex subject and break it down into practical information that you can not only understand, but, put into practice right away. Les speaks with conviction, compassion and knowledge.  He balances his subtle humor with a unique sincerity and as a result, his entire audience will come away from their time with Les extremely motivated and personally challenged.

Mike Lusardi
former KC Chiefs & KC Royals Chaplain