Rebecca Brooks

Super Bowl is the ultimate branding opportunity. Great Super Bowl commercials transcend advertising and become part of pop culture. Think the Apple “Big Brother ad of 1984, Budweiser’s Clydesdales “Respect” of 2002, and VW’s pint-sized “Darth Vader” ad of 2011.

What makes a good Super Bowl commercial? Rebecca Brooks, founder and partner of Alter Agents, a qualitative and quantitative research firm in Los Angeles has consulted with some of this year’s top brands who are part of the Super Bowl commercial frenzy. Over the years she advised Google, Hyundai, HP, Yahoo!, GE, Charles Schwab, ABC, eBay, Chase, Activision, Sears, Microsoft, PayPal, EJ Gallo, Guinness, Viking River Cruises and Royal Caribbean on a wide range of marketing challenges.