Scott Mitchell from the Biggest Loser

The NBC Hit Show, “The Biggest Loser” has helped transform the lives of many contestants, and this past year was no exception! Season 16 ushered in “Glory Days”, featuring a panel of contestants with sports backgrounds. My guest (and my original pick to win it all!) was an NFL QB for 12 years. He entered the show with a 6’6″ frame weighing a whopping 366 lbs., but by the end of the show, he dropped down to 246 for a 120 lb. loss! Joining us to share about his experiences on “The Ranch”,

Scott Mitchell Mitchell shares why he decided to put himself out there, how he almost quit within the first week, and what he really lost on the show…and it wasn’t measured in pounds!! A candid, gentle giant, this former NFL star and

University of Utah HOFer shares his take on family, true freedom, and what he sees as his purpose in life!!