Tony Marsalo

If you are a parent/coach of a ‘sports kid’, you need to listen!!
I’m interviewing PA Strikers softball org. coach/president Tony Marsalo, who had his players fill out anonymous questionnaires. The question: “What do your parents do that makes you feel pressure, embarrasses you, makes you hate the game, or feel like you’re disappointing them” He then typed out the answers, keeping them anonymous, and emailed all of them to the parents….

Out of 80 responses, 9 were neutral, 15 were positive, AND 56 WERE NEGATIVE!! Here’s just a few….

“…they say stuff to each other and say that I should have done this or that, I can hear them. It makes me feel like I suck.”

“Sometimes I don’t even want to play softball because my parents like to yell at me after a bad day of playing and play the ‘Disappointment’ card.”

And maybe the saddest…

“…..I feel like when I don’t do good I fail them.”

Is this your kid? Is it mine? Coach Marsalo had a meeting after he heard of the apparent suicide by 13 yr. old Emma Pangelinan from Mission Viejo, CA, which was the reason for the questionnaire. The statistics in the US are STAGGERING regarding teen suicide, and parents need to be made aware!!!